Full-service main season flights from Madrid, Spain to Singapore for €429!

Looking for a reasonable solution from Spain to South East Asia next main tourist season then consider this full-service deal based on a SkyTeam member Saudia. The airline is offering discounted flights from Madrid to Singapore for €429. These are flights with Saudia, the national airline of Saudi Arabia, and include 23kg as standard in their fare. You will have a layover in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and an additional short-stop in the Maldives (no aircraft change) on your journey to/from Asia. Below you can refer to our booking. Flying from: Madrid Flying to: Singapore Airline(s): Saudia Luggage: 1x23kg bag Outbound travel dates: January to the beginning of June 2023 Max stay: 1 month Book by: Unknown Booking samples Madrid to Singapore for €429 Booking sample of cheap flights from Spain to Singapore for €429 with Saudia! In our example, you would depart from Madrid to Singapore on the 7th of February returning from South East Asia back to Spain on the 22nd of February 2023.Continue readingFull-service main season flights from Madrid, Spain to Singapore for €429!

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