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[Nonstop] $126: Minneapolis to Phoenix

$163: Philadelphia to Cancun, Mexico

[Nonstop] $157: San Francisco to Maui, Hawaii

[Nonstop] $163: Chicago to Cancun, Mexico

[Nonstop] $367: Minneapolis to Punta Cana

[Nonstop] $406: Boston to Honolulu

$243: Washington DC to Belize City, Belize

[Nonstop] $116: Minneapolis to Tampa

[Nonstop] $226: New York City to St. Maarten

$286: Philadelphia to St. Lucia

[Nonstop] $158: Detroit to Savannah

[Nonstop] $156: New York City to West Palm Beach

Another Surge in COVID-19 Cases Puts Europe on Edge

[Nonstop] $787: San Francisco to Nadi, Fiji

$294: Denver to Cozumel, Mexico

$258: Minneapolis to Key West

[Nonstop] $156: Boston to West Palm Beach

The First-Ever Nonstop Flights to Vietnam Start Later This Month!

[Nonstop] $116: New York City to Savannah

$245: Seattle to Bogota, Colombia

[Nonstop] $196: Portland to New York City

$116: Washington DC to West Palm Beach

$315: Houston to Honolulu, Hawaii

[Nonstop] $116: Minneapolis to Las Vegas

$266: Chicago to St. Croix, USVI

$275: Denver to Maui, Hawaii

$352: San Francisco to San Jose, Costa Rica

[Nonstop] $450: Chicago to Amsterdam

[Nonstop] $444: San Francisco to Amsterdam

$367: Minneapolis to Liberia, Costa Rica

$282: Los Angeles to San Jose, Costa Rica

[Nonstop] $449: Houston to Amsterdam

$580: Minneapolis to Athens, Greece

[Nonstop] $136: Denver to Austin

[Nonstop] $116: Portland to Los Angeles

$548: Minneapolis to Amsterdam

[Nonstop] $106: Chicago to Fort Myers

Montreal, Canada to Bilbao or Valencia, Spain for only $579 CAD roundtrip

4* Hotel Astoria Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for only $31 USD per night

Baltimore or Nashville to San Jose, Costa Rica from only $229 roundtrip

Southwest investigation into pilot using anti-Biden phrase over PA system

Boston to Baku, Azerbaijan for only $613 roundtrip

[Nonstop] $96: Miami to Austin

Zurich, Switzerland to Quito, Ecuador for only €376 roundtrip

San Diego to Guatemala City, Guatemala for only $259 roundtrip

Non-stop from Chicago or Dallas to Cancun, Mexico from only $170 roundtrip

Rome, Italy to the Seychelles for only €382 roundtrip

Philadelphia to Panama City, Panama for only $269 roundtrip

Non-stop from Riga, Latvia to London, UK for only €10 roundtrip

American Airlines cancelled 1,700 flights over Halloween weekend due to weather and staffing shortages

[Nonstop] $568: Atlanta to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Marseille, France to the Canary Islands for only €18 roundtrip

Inverness, Scotland to Dubai, UAE for only £268 roundtrip

Amsterdam, Netherlands to Bermuda for only €395 roundtrip