Full-service return flights from Marseille, France to Kinshasa, DR Congo for €455.

More competitive deals on route France – DR Congo are currently available! This time based on a service of Ethiopian Airlines (Star Alliance) you can book discounted full-service flights from Marseille to Kinshasa with a layover in Addis Ababa (+ short-stop in Rome in both directions – no aircraft change) for €45. All prices are for a roundtrip and are inclusive of all taxes and fees, onboard meals, hand luggage, and checked luggage. Flying from: Marseille Flying to: Kinshasa Airline(s): Ethiopian Airlines Luggage: 2x23kg bag Outbound travel dates: September 2022 to May 2023 Max stay: 3 months Book by: Unknown Booking samples Marseille to Kinshasa for €455 Plenty of other dates are available from all departure cities! Make use of the calendar options on the website of the airline you choose or your flight search engine. Also, ensure you confirm you have the necessary vaccinations when traveling to this African country. Booking sample of cheap Ethiopian Airlines return flight..Continue readingFull-service return flights from Marseille, France to Kinshasa, DR Congo for €455.

source https://sharingcost.com/full-service-return-flights-from-marseille-france-to-kinshasa-dr-congo-for-e455/


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