Vienna: €20 Ryanair Flights From all Over Europe (€40 With 10kg Hand Luggage)

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Ryanair is currently selling very cheap flights to its hub in Vienna with prices for a roundtrip starting at only €20. Availability varies according to your city of departure, but you can generally find many dates from August until October. These flights lend themselves perfectly for a nice weekend-getaway.

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We found cheap flights from the following cities:

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These flights only include a small (40x20x25 cm) piece of hand luggage, but you can pay €20 and bring another 10 kg trolley on to the plane. Adding 20 kg of luggage costs €50 for the roundtrip.


We expect major shakeups in the airline industry over the following months. Some services might be cancelled, aircraft changed or downgraded. The schedule we describe was planned under different economic circumstances and may very well change.

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Availability highly depends on your point of departure. While there’s almost daily availability from cities such as Bergamo, you’ll only find a small number of possibilities from cities like Bordeaux. You can check the availability on Google Flights and then book directly on Ryanair’s website. Most available dates are between August and October.

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