Full-service Etihad flights from Paris, France to Seychelles for €503!

Compared to other European markets we do not see that many good deals from France to tropical Seychelles right now so here is one fair offer based on a well-ranked Etihad Airways. Based on their service you can book full-service return flights from Paris to Mahé, the entry gate to this tropical archipelago, available for €503! This is, of course when flying with Etihad, a full-service deal inclusive of all taxes, checked luggage, and in-flight meals. Flying from: Paris Flying to: Mahé Airline(s): Etihad Airways Luggage: 1x20kg bag Outbound travel dates: September and October 2022 Max stay: 3 months Book by: 8th of May Booking samples France to Mahé, Seychelles from €549 (booking with Etihad, consider this Etihad promo code) Paris to Mahé, Seychelles for €503 Booking sample of cheap Etihad Airways flights from France to Seychelles for €503! In this case, you would depart from Paris to Mahe Island on the 21st of September. Your return flight from this tropical archipelago in t..Continue readingFull-service Etihad flights from Paris, France to Seychelles for €503!

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