Cheap flights from Paris to Rwanda from only €311!

Book flight Book hotel Rent a car 23 Apr 2022, 12:45 João Cheap flights from Paris to Rwanda from only €311! Book cheap flights from Paris, France to Kigali, Rwanda from only €311 round trip with Brussels Airlines! Tiny Rwanda‘s name may evoke memories of the horrific genocide that brutalised this country in 1994, but the country is better known today as one of Africa’s most stable nations, a plucky survivor that has come together in the decades since the dark times to create a promising and dynamic future. Tourism is once again a key contributor to the economy and the industry’s brightest star is the chance to track mountain gorillas through bamboo forests in the shadow of the Virunga volcanoes. These conical mountains are shrouded in equatorial jungles and helped earn Rwanda the moniker of ‘Le Pays des Mille Collines’ (Land of a Thousand Hills). So, while Rwanda’s scars may run deep, now is the time to help the country look to its future and embrace its new-found opt..Continue readingCheap flights from Paris to Rwanda from only €311!