Cheap flights from Amsterdam to Peru for only €397!

Book flight Book hotel Rent a car 29 Jan 2022, 20:00 Giovanni Cheap flights from Amsterdam to Peru for only €397! Air Europa is offering cheap flights from the Netherlands to Lima, Peru! Book a ticket from only €397 return! 1 of 6 Nazca Lines The famous Nazca Lines are a designated World Heritage Site. The geoglyphs in the desert sand were created by the Nazca Indians between 300 BC and 900 A.D. The mysterious system of lines, depicting animals, plants, people and geometrical figures can be found on the plateau in the south-western part of Peru. From the observation tower near road you can see giant drawings on the surface of the earth, like a tree, monkey, hummingbird, parrot, spider, fish, llama, lizard, human hands and candelabrum. Link to the map >> 1 of 6 To find out more, visit Destination Fly4free: Peru >> Travel dates: May – June Sample dates Every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday Routing: Amsterdam – Lima – Amsterdam Baggage during the trip: On..Continue readingCheap flights from Amsterdam to Peru for only €397!